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Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair?

Raw hair is collected from a single donor in a method in which all hair strands are aligned in the natural direction it was grown in. An example of this is holding the hair in a ponytail and cutting the hair at the band. This is done to maintain the natural pattern and cuticle direction. 

TRUE Luxury’s RAW Indian Hair is ethically collected from single donors and shipped directly to us from India. Keeping this in mind you will know that while the patterns will be similar, no two bundles will be exactly the same in color, texture and pattern. No one has exactly the same type of hair, however we will be sure to match your hair to all be as close in comparison as possible.

Virgin hair is still un chemically processed and comes from multiple donors. The hair is then steam textured into some of the most beautiful curls and waves available (i.e Body wave & Deep Wave). Through this soft process we are able to give you perfectly matching patterns every time.